A ‘compass’ to success.

Today’s business world is often complicated, ever-changing, and constantly evolving. We can all benefit from a ‘Compass’ to guide us in that shifting landscape. To help us navigate the world of today and that of tomorrow.

‘The Compass Crew’ is an all-encompassing marketing team, we deliver strategy, writing & design, digital marketing, and event planning, specializing for non-profit organizations – navigating them to success!

But our overall mission – in a changing world – is to empower every leader, entrepreneur, and institution by giving you the tools to actualize your dreams and visions – to help YOU be ahead of the game!


This is why our seminars have gained popularity and reputation as THE place where things are happening. Where connections are made and visions are created.

After the extraordinary success of our ‘Sales Seminar’ for salespeople and our ‘Navigation Seminar’ for nonprofit leaders and fundraisers, we are now presenting: ‘The BOSS Seminar’ for business leaders and managers.


The seminar is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to meet like-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs, to learn from the best, and to take your business to the next level.